VAT Validation

Use case

Classify your entire product range in the specific VAT logic of each EU member state, taking into account every standard rate, every reduction and every exemption, permanently updated.


  • Updated cloud database with more than 80 million items already classified
  • 24/7 on demand data of more than 1.2 million eClear IDs incl. all exceptions, reductions and exemptions according to a logic based on the EU customs tariff database
  • Automated, item-specific consideration of tax rate changes in real time 
  • Incl. ThresholdControl for € 0,-/month


  • Process optimization and time savings through automation with one-time grouping process
  • Increase in customer satisfaction through correct and accurate application of local VAT rates
  • Boosting competitive pricing with Tax Compliance

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Product costs

189.00 € 2,268.00 €
Totals 2,268.00 €

Total costs for the 1st year; term 12 months; payable annually in advance

plus statutory VAT

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