Use case

Precisely classify your entire product portfolio in the specific VAT logic of each country of delivery. Available for all 27 European Member States, Great Britain, Nothern Ireland & Switzerland.


  • More than 1.2 million eClear IDs mapping the unique combinations of product and country-specific applicable tax rates with more than 300,000 exceptions
  • On-demand database, continuously updated tax rates
  • Certified data quality
  • High-performance REST API, certified response under 100 ms
  • Financial Dashboard SPOT is included! VATRules includes the use of SPOT free of charge for the duration of the contract


  • Strengthening your tax compliance by integrating VATRules into your existing system environment
  • Competitive advantages through country-specific price calculations, considering latest applicable local VAT regulations
  • Process optimisation and time savings through automation (e.g. fast go-to-market to expand business to other countries)
  • Increase in customer satisfaction through the correct application of local VAT rates (preventing corrections)

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eClear automates specific processes of your VAT obligations from cross-border B2C trades.