VAT Validation

Use case

For eBay sellers who always want to be provided with the VAT rates applicable in the country of destination to calculate their product prices.


  • 1,200,000+ tax codes with over 300,000 exceptions for 28 European countries
  • On-demand database: VAT rates are continuously updated
  • Certified data quality
  • High-performance REST API: certified performance under 100 ms
  • Integration with all ERPs (interface description)


  • Tax-compliant application of the applicable VAT rates for the EU-27 as well as Great Britain
  • Competitive advantages through country-specific price calculations taking into account currently applicable local VAT regulations
  • Process optimisation and time savings through automation in a one-time grouping process (fast go-to-market)
  • Increase in customer satisfaction through the correct application of local VAT rates

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Product costs

151.20 € 151.20 €
1,814.40 €

Total costs for the 1st year; term 12 months; payable annually in advance

plus statutory VAT